We are so thankful that we got to work with you over the past few weeks. We felt like we tried everything and had no idea if I was ever going to sleep again. Not going to lie, I was skeptical when we first read about SleepWell Baby and I was convinced Reese was going to be the one baby that you would talk about for years afterwards; “Well there was one baby that we couldn’t help….”.

Not the case! After chatting with you in our consult, you gave us hope and hope was all we needed to continue on with you. After chatting with you for 10 mins, I felt an immediate connection and felt like you really understood what we were experiencing and you were so confident that it was an easy fix; which felt like a weight lifted off my shoulders.

You are extremely encouraging and easy to communicate with – I told you I cheated and I wasn’t even hesitant to tell you! I’ve learned so much about sleep and it made it easier to understand why Reese was doing the things she did and why we made the changes we did. The program made sense, not just a program to follow. We understood why we were doing the things we did and knew we would see a long term gain. It was nice knowing that you are a mom and having babies the same age was a bonus! You really understood the age we were dealing with and that was comforting. You are an excellent sleep consultant and we are extremely happy to have got to work with you.

Thank You for all of your knowledge and advice, we couldn’t have done it without you!

I’ve included some pictures of a happy well rested baby Reese! (Our family one was before the 4 month regression – a bit older but our latest one!)

I have already spoke extremely highly of you and SleepWell Baby so you may have a few friends and family calling!