My daughter, Colbie, 4 months, was an extremely fussy baby and horrible sleeper right from the get-go.  For the first 9 weeks of her life, she had undiagnosed acid reflux and would only sleep if I held her on my chest in the rocker recliner.  So we slept in the rocker recliner for those 9 weeks.  Once she was diagnosed and given medication for the reflux, the fussiness subsided but her sleeping preferences did not.  She still always wanted me to hold her and nurse her to sleep.  Once she was asleep, I would try and move her to the bassinet or crib only to have her wake up crying.  So I would nurse her to sleep and the whole process would repeat.  Neither of us were getting much sleep and we were extremely overtired.  I read sleep books and any articles I could find on sleep training but found it contradictory and confusing.  I talked to friends with babies but it seemed we had the only bad sleeper and that was defeating.  I cried every night along with my sleep deprived baby.  I feared my daughter would never learn to self soothe, would always need to be nursed to sleep and no one besides me could put her down.  Then one night while waiting for my daughter to reach a deep enough sleep to move her from my arms, I found SleepWell baby.  I read the testimonials and felt like we had found our answer.  My husband and I figured we had nothing to lose so I gave them a call.  I talked with Erin and it was such a great moment.  I felt like she understood and wasn’t judging me because I couldn’t get my kid to sleep.  I knew right then that this would be the answer to our sleep problems.  

Kelsey was our sleep consultant and I feel so very lucky to have gotten to work with her.  Kelsey and I had similar experiences so it was easy to connect with her.  She was extremely knowledgable and was really reassuring.  She set up a great sleep plan for our daughter that my husband and I were comfortable with.  She was an amazing support system helping us along every step of the way.  Colbie caught on really quickly and was napping great from day 1.  She battled us initially at bedtime but, by the end of the first week, she was falling asleep on her own and only waking once to feed.  It was absolutely amazing to witness!  I am happy to report that I now have an extremely happy and alert baby who can self soothe and be put down by anyone.  My husband and I owe all this to our amazing consultant, Kelsey, and the SleepWell Baby team.  They give you the tools you need to succeed and support you through the whole process.  I will 100% recommend them to anyone whose child is having sleep difficulties.  Thank you Kelsey and SleepWell Baby!!!  You were our saviours 🙂