Dear weary mother whose baby won’t sleep,

You may be wondering what it would be like to give SleepWell Baby a try. Maybe you’re not sure how it all works or what the process is like.  I will tell you that it’s really pretty simple and usually goes something like this…


I know you will say you are tired. You’re tired and you’re stuck.  The baby isn’t sleeping and you don’t know what to do.  I will tell you that I know what to do. I know how to get your baby sleeping.

I know you will say you’ve tried it all. You’ve read books, you’ve asked friends, you’ve scoured the internet.  None of it has worked.  The baby still won’t sleep.  I will tell you that we will come up with a plan. Not a plan that fits every baby or one that worked for some other family, but a plan for your baby, for your family.  The plan will be based on the science of sleep.  And I can tell you with complete confidence that it will work.

I know you will say you’re at your wits end. You spend your day in frustration that your sweet baby is exhausted and cranky and so are you.  Your day revolves around fighting about naps only to have that sweet baby wake within minutes of laying her down.  Your nights go on forever and you’re trapped in a cycle of sleeplessness with no reprieve. I will tell you that I’ve got your back. I will show you what to do and teach you why it’s so important that your baby learns to sleep.  I will be a phone call or an email away to offer support as you give your child this most precious gift.

I know you will say you have no confidence. You don’t believe this will work, but you will try.  At this point it’s worth a shot.  I will tell you that I have confidence. You can borrow mine.  Try it on.  Wrap yourself in it.  Wear it like a warm sweater; a security blanket.  And know that after you borrow my confidence for a little while you will develop your own. 

I know you will say you can’t believe it. Your baby has learned to sleep!  You made it through and life has changed.  Your sweet baby is happy.  People can’t believe the difference in your baby and in your family.  You have time to get your daily tasks done.  You have time to spend with your partner, time to replenish yourself and time to get some sleep.  I will tell you it’s fantastic. You did such a great job and I’m really proud of you.  I will congratulate you on making healthy sleep a priority for your family.  I will thank you for allowing me to support you on this life changing journey.  I will tell you to keep in touch and rest easy.


Dear weary mother whose baby won’t sleep, this is what happens when you work with SleepWell Baby. We know what your life is like and we know how it could be.  Get in touch, talk to us and let us help you and your family rest easy.


Alysa Dobson is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant with SleepWell Baby.  She works with families to help them get the sleep they need.  Alysa offers support to parents with children ages 4 months- 8 years old through both in home and remote consultations.  She can be contacted at alysa@sleepwellbaby.ca.


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