SleepWell baby gives tips & tricks to keep your kids on track after a late night of trick-or-treating.

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Every parent dreads it – too much candy, too much excitement and too little sleep- that’s Halloween! Many families find that one late night can cause their children to become overtired, leading to more night waking and early rising after the excitement of the big day has ended. The Certified Child Sleep Consultants at SleepWell Baby know that Halloween can still be lots of fun without sacrificing your child’s sleep. Here are some tips to take the trick out of the treating this Halloween.

Plan for tricks, treats and time for sleep– Have an easy dinner planned so you can get the kids out to trick-or-treat without feeling rushed. If your children usually go to bed at 7:30, then it’s important to know what time you need to leave the house and how late you can be out for in order to get them to bed by that time.

Avoid the fright of a too late night- If you let bedtime go later than 30 minutes past the usual time, your children are likely to develop a sleep debt. Sleep debt leads to night waking, early rising and nightmares in sleep sensitive children. Most kids take at least 3-4 days to repay a sleep debt through an earlier than normal bedtime.

Don’t let sweets spoil your sleep- Set some limits on how much candy your kids can eat on Halloween night before heading out to trick-or-treat. A good guideline might be that 3 treats is enough to make the night special but not spoil sleep for the evening.

Keep the routine, even on Halloween– Even though it’s a busy night, it’s important not to rush through the bedtime routine. It’s very difficult for children, especially if they are wound up from an exciting evening, to jump into bed and go to sleep. A warm bath, a couple of stories and maybe a glass of warm milk will help little bodies and brains transition from day to night.  A consistent bedtime routine is a familiar cue which calms your child so that sleep will come more easily.



SleepWell Baby was founded by Amanda Hudye, and provides Sleep Consulting for families with children ages 4 months to 8 years old. The group of Certified Child Sleep Consultants at SleepWell Baby work with families all over the world to help them get the sleep they need. Want to get your family resting easy? Contact SleepWell Baby today.

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