The various sleep products on the market for our little ones can be overwhelming  for parents. As a Child Sleep Consultant, I always teach that less is more when children are learning the skill of independent sleep.  But the one product  I recommend to my clients and I could not live without as a parent is the baby sleep bag. I am happy to team up with the Gro Company for this Grobag product review.

When our little ones make their grand entrance into this world, swaddling is a common practice we use to set our babies up for healthy sleep habits.  However, when babies become more active and can break out of the swaddle or show signs they are ready to learn the skill of rolling, it is time to transition.  Not only does a baby sleep bag offer a variety of benefits, it helps make the transition from swaddling as easy as possible.

The Grobag follows the safety standards set out by both the Canadian Paediatric Society and the American Academy of Paediatrics.  It is a safe sleep item which I’m happy to recommend to families and excited to have the opportunity to review.   As your little one’s crib should be completely empty of any loose items (such as blankets, pillows, stuffed toys, sleep positioners and bumper pads), a baby sleep bag, such as the Grobag, ensures that your child is securely covered at all times while sleeping with no lose items that can pose a suffocation hazard.  The Grobag also provides a great association for sleep by having it as part of your little one’s naptime and bedtime routine.  When you put your child into the Grobag as part of your regular sleep routine, it provides a signal that sleep is just around the corner.

I have a 2.5 year old daughter, who to this day, uses the Grobag for sleep in her crib.  Come naptime and bedtime, I lay it on the floor for her and she crawls right into it, ready for me to zip it up.  Not a day goes by that she doesn’t use it for sleep.  It comes with us when we are travelling, staying in a hotel, at the grandparents’ house and even camping during the summer.  She has yet to reach the dreaded “crib jumping” stage, but I know that the Grobag will deter her from trying because baby sleep bags don’t allow for little ones to get the full leg extension they need to escape the crib.

So why is the Grobag so great, you ask?  In addition to some of the benefits above, these are also some of my favourite things specific to the Grobag.

  • The Grobag comes in a range of all different sizes, starting from 0-6 months all the way up to 6-10 years old.  As your little one grows, you can ensure they will always have a Grobag to fit too them.
  • It’s also important to ensure you select a Tog (warmth rating) that is suitable to the temperature of your child’s bedroom, in addition to what they are wearing.  To ensure the sleep environment is conducive for sleep, we recommend a temperature of 19-22°C.  The Grobag comes in 0.5 Tog for hot weather, up to 3.5 Tog for cold temperatures.  The 2.5 Tog is my favourite of choice, which is beneficial for all year round temperatures.
  • The Grobag comes in different styles to suit your child’s age and development.  The side zip has shoulder snaps and zipper on the side.  This is great for younger babies who have yet to figure out what a zipper is and allows for easy access should you need to make a night time diaper change.  The front zip is great for the toddler age, once they begin to move around more, and has a two way zipper and chin guard at the top of the zipper to prevent rubbing or pinching.  (A little tip for those whose little one likes to escape their Grobag- put the Grobag on backwards so they can’t access the zipper!).
  • Last but not least, how can you not fall in love with the super cute designs? From boy’s and girl’s to unisex designs, you can be sure to find a Grobag that suites your style or even matches your little one’s nursery.

The Grobag is only one of the many amazing products manufactured by The Gro Company.  All around, the Grobag is one of my must-have items for all ages.  Using the Grobag has provided my daughter with a positive association for sleep. I always know she is warm, safe and sleeping peacefully when she’s in her Grobag.

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