Sleepwell Baby gives tips & tricks to keep your kids on track after a late night of trick or treating.

Every parent dreads it – the overload of candy, the late night, their wired kids who just can’t sleep, that’s Halloween!  Halloween this year falls on a Thursday evening, that means that Friday might be a bit of a struggle in your household. SleepWell Baby says that it doesn’t need to be that way and there is hope to get through a late night of trick of treating unscathed!

Halloween can be just as fun as other events and doesn’t need to create crying, candy loaded, over-tired children. For all you ghosts and goblins, here are some tips for the Halloween festivities:

1. Plan Ahead:
For example, if your children usually go to bed at 7:30, then it’s important to have a time in mind that you’d like to see them leave the house, how long they will be out, and how willing you are to move bedtime later.

2. Not too late:
Don’t let bedtime go later than 30 min past the usual time, or their sleep debt will be too high the next day, and will take three to four days to catch up.

3. Quick Meal:

Have an easy dinner plan so you can get the kids out the door at the scheduled time, and have a return time in place before kids head out the door. Here are a few quick recipes to keep you on track Halloween night!

4. Set the limit:

Have a candy limit set before heading out. SleepWell Baby recommends 3 treats on Halloween night, is enough to feel special, but not too much that it’s going to wire the child on sugar.

5. Keep things consistent:

Don’t rush the bedtime routine too much. It’s very difficult for children, especially if they are wound out from an exciting evening, to just jump right into bed and go to sleep. A warm bath, a couple of stories, maybe a glass of warm milk, helps the body and brain transition from day to night, and will help to calm down your hyper child, so sleep will come more easily.

SleepWell Baby was founded by Amanda Hudye, and provides Sleep Consulting for families with children aged 14 weeks to 8 years old. The group of Certified Sleep Consultants at SleepWell Baby, work with families all over the world to help get them all resting easy. Want to get your family resting easy – contact SleepWell today. www.sleepwellbaby.ca or Like us on Facebook


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