Ever have a lousy night of sleep at a hotel? How about when you travel with your baby or toddler? Do you struggle to get them to stay on schedule with their naps and nighttime routine? Here are some hotel sleeping hacks that will help all of you get some zzz’s!

hotel sleeping hacks for kids

Two Hotel Sleeping Hacks Every Parent Should Know

Nights away at a hotel, whether on vacation or just traveling, shouldn’t be a nightmare for parents or kids. While the introduction of a new environment may be something to adjust to, with a few simple tweaks, or hacks, you can ensure everyone gets a great night’s sleep.

Sleep helps ensure everyone in the family is more energetic and in a better mood. When away from home, my family likes to take our best shot at getting good sleep to face the day with more ease. If you are heading off for a much-needed family vacation this year, here are two hotel hacks that my family couldn’t do without and will help your family, too!

Shut Out the Light

Babies past the newborn stage, kidlets and grown-ups alike need darkness to help them fall asleep and stay asleep. But how can you do that when you cannot get the hotel curtains to shut entirely (you know what I’m talking about – the miserable crack that ultimately appears where the curtains meet to let in that shining street light or the early morning sun!).

Hack #1: To keep outside light and daylight at bay, take the pants/skirt hanger from the closet. Use the two clips on the drapes to keep them snug together and create more darkness. Another option is to pack some painters tape and heavy-duty black garbage bags in your luggage. Tape over the windows, if the drapes aren’t blackouts.

hotel sleeping hack to keep light out

Separate Your Sleepers

Another hotel sleeping hack that we find helps everyone in the family is to separate our sleepers.

Hack #2: If you have wheelchair accessible room, the shower is often a big enough space to hold a crib. Most hotels offer complimentary cribs, which can be requested at the time you check in. Or, better yet, call ahead to have them bring one to your room before you arrive!

Sleepwell Baby recommends children use the crib until age 3 and this adds to a more comfortable hotel experience, as well.

baby in crib hotel sleeping hack

If you can swing it, reserve a hotel suite or adjoining rooms. These will give you separate space for your little sleeper. On one of our recent hotel trips, we gave up the king for a hide-a-bed, but it made for more agreeable children the next day as well as a relaxing evening.

If adjoining rooms or the other ideas don’t fit for you, try to create an area for the crib that is partitioned off. Create a space for the crib that is partitioned off. You can use more of the black garbage bags and painters tape to block off a little room for the crib.

In our family, we’ve had our babies sleep in closets, a little pop-up tent, as well as in bathrooms.

You might also use the entryway as a spot for the crib. Just make sure everyone is in for the night, hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door and place a towel on the bottom of the door to block noise and light.  Again, black garbage bags and painters tape or a quality sheet and thumbtacks might be used as a wall… and Viola! You’ve got a little spot with more darkness and quiet for when babies go down before the grown-ups.

hotel sleeping hack for baby crib
So now you know a few ways to set the stage for better hotel sleep for your whole family! Just by making things dark and creating a separate space, your hotel nights will be much more enjoyable and peaceful.

Ever have a horrible night in a hotel room with your kids? Do you have your own hotel sleeping hacks that have worked for your family? If so,  please share with us in the comments below!

Happy and safe travels this year and wherever you end up, rest easy!

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