“In the spring, when my twin boys Seger and Sebastian turned 8 months old, you became our hero…and you still are.
Here’s why: this fall our family got hit hard with the flu. All 6 of us bam bam bam dropped like flies. Then colds. Then more colds. 11 weeks in total of someone being sick. 11 weeks of my babies re-developing some bad sleep habits because, well, you know …when they are sick and want you, you just have to break those rules. Anyways, I was beginning to feel the stress of being sleep deprived again and even contemplated calling you. But I decided to just get back to basics. Bedtime promptly at 7pm after a bath and bedtime snack. We’ve had some wonderful sleeps since. A few rough nights here and there (of course myself and the babies have colds again) but I feel back on track. And that feels awesome. We have also transitioned to 1 nap a day now. We tried a few times in the last couple of months, but this past week has been a success everyday. We even survived 2 nights at the inlaws. So, at 17 months old and having 14 teeth each (and some really bad teething hell), these boys are still great sleepers. 12-13 hrs a night and 2-3 hrs a day.
Thank you thank you and thank you so much!!!”
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