Let’s talk about creating the perfect sleep environment for your child!

Your little one’s surroundings can have a significant impact on their ability to sleep…especially if you have a sensitive sleeper on your hands! Not only is it important to ensure that your child’s sleep environment is safe, you also need to ensure that it provides them the comfort they need for a peaceful rest.

To help ensure you are providing the ideal sleep environment, follow these four suggestions.


4 Steps to Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment For Your Child

perfect sleep environment for your child

Creating the ideal sleep environment doesn’t require a massive investment of time or costly sleep tools. It really just requires a few simple tweaks that make a big difference!

Keep it Dark!

Okay – when I say dark, I mean really, really dark! Darkness helps the body produce melatonin (sleep hormone), which is why it is important to keep the sleep environment dark during sleep times and have exposure to light during awake times.

If your blinds or curtains just aren’t cutting it, get creative and use items from around the home to block out extra light in the bedroom (garbage bags, tin foil, black construction paper). It doesn’t have to be pretty – just effective! (we also suggest this as a tip in our Hotel Sleeping Hacks article!)

Keep it Cool!

To promote melatonin production, it is best to have a room temperature of around 19-22 degrees Celsius.

A sleep sack can be a great safe sleep item to ensure your little one stays at a comfortable temperature.

Keep it Quiet!

It is not always realistic to have the whole house quiet during sleep times, so white noise can be a helpful tool to drown out external household sounds. Be sure to use pure white noise (no ocean waves or music!), with a constant pitch, throughout the entire period of sleep. If you do not want to purchase an actual white noise machine, a fan can work great, or there are lots of free apps to choose from.

Keep it Boring!

You want your little one to associate their bed or crib with sleep. So, remove toys (aside from a lovey if they are at an appropriate age), mobiles, and anything else that could cause them to be stimulated. We do not want them getting distracted from the task at hand!

See how simple it can be to create the perfect sleep environment for your child? By taking these steps your child will be well on the way to getting better sleep!

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