This has been such a game changer for us. We have seen such an improvement in his behaviour that it is driving us to keep at it and stay confident that he will completely turn around.

Just this morning when I dropped him at the sitters, it hit home. He walked up to a little one and touched his face and gave him a hug. Before the the SleepWell Baby program, he would have stolen that little guys toy and ran to push someone else. He is SO HAPPY! He tells us he loves us, and shows so much affection toward us now. His independent play has improved, and just his overall well being. My sister came for coffee yesterday and she noticed a huge difference. She couldn’t believe how much happier he was. This makes us so happy 🙂

I love your sleep sack tip. We had him in one when he was in the crib so I am going to look for a bigger one for him. I may even have one made with tractors on it so that he is pumped to wear it. (Little farm boys are a tough sell sometimes!)

I have been singing your praises here in Ontario, so you may see a couple calls come in. Our vet was here vaccinating the horses last week and he was very interested in how this whole sleep program works. He has a six month old that isn’t sleeping. I told him to give you guys a call!

Anyway Teresa, thanks again, and I will email you in a month or so to let you know how it’s going.

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