Name: Katrina Bendel from LeRoy, Saskatchewan

Age of child or children we helped: 4 Months

Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help:

Brennan became a co-sleeper after his 2 month vaccinations, and from that point we couldn’t seem to get him back into his bassinet at nights. It made for some incredibly long nights with one of us “in charge” of a very squirmy baby on and off all night! Very slowly, he started to reject napping anywhere but in someone’s arms.

He would wake up after 45 minutes like clock work, and the long battle of putting him back to sleep would begin . . . back to his room, find his soother, rock and rock until you were PRETTY sure he was out, then walk as slowly and quietly as you could back out to the living room rocking chair. And if he woke up on the way? Sigh . . . here we go again!

Our evenings were spent in darkness in the living room, taking turns holding Brennan and whispering to each other until we would all crawl into bed for a very restless night sleep. I’d like to say we weren’t “desperate”, but in reality we were. We were desperate to get our bed back, desperate to stop sneaking around the house, and desperate to get out of the rocking chair!

My husband and I always knew that we would be doing some sort of sleep training with our son, but by 3 months old I was counting the days until that magical 4 month mark when we could get the party started.

How did you find or hear about SleepWell Baby?:

I heard about SleepWell Baby through my sister-in-law 🙂

Please describe your first impressions of SleepWell Baby:

I was thrilled from the start! From our initial phone call with Erin, I knew we were in good hands. Everything happened very quickly and efficiently, from the visit with Erin to receiving the survey online to setting up our appointment with Teresa.

I think everyone has that initial balk at paying for this service, but it’s without a doubt worth every penny. The support you get is amazing! Your consultant is there for you, there to find out about your specific needs as a family and there to help with all of the “now what’s” that come up along the way.

Please share your overall experience working with SleepWell Baby:

Working with Teresa was wonderful from the very beginning. Our consultation was perfect; Brennan went through a complete feed/play/sleep session while we were on the phone, and Teresa didn’t even skip a beat! The phone call didn’t at all feel like a consultation – it felt like a conversation with a very understanding friend.

Working with SleepWell means you’re working with real people, not an obscure face on the back of a book, or muddling through on your own with contradicting advice coming from every direction. Teresa was so easy to talk with! Through the course of the following two weeks I emailed Teresa every morning with our daily update, the highs and lows, the positives and not so positives.

Teresa was SO supportive, giving us the proverbial high fives for big (and small) successes, and providing the most understanding reassurance, and some suggestions, with the inevitable frustrations. Being able to talk with someone about the process and having The Plan instead of searching the internet for advice made the adventure so much less stressful.

What results did you receive from working with one of our certified child sleep consultants?

We were impressed from the very first night. Brennan took 40 minutes to settle himself, and though he woke up early for his night feed, he settled very quickly after and slept until almost 7:00 in the morning! His nights have honestly been amazing – his wake ups seem so rare now, and when he does wake we have the absolute belief that he’ll put himself back to sleep easily. It’s a process, and if you’re willing to work with it, the results will come!

Naps sometimes felt like a never ending work in progress with some constant ups and downs, but being able to talk to Teresa helped so much. She helped me get over those frustrations by pointing out some usual patterns in babies Brennan’s age, and assuring me that he was doing amazing (even when it felt like he wasn’t). It gave me the confidence to keep going, knowing he’ll continue to improve. In fact, at the end of our third week we traveled 6 hours for a visit over the long weekend, and Brennan had THREE two-hour naps that weekend! With all of the extra stimulation, noise, and excitement, we were so proud of Brennan to be able to use his skills and get the rest he needed 🙂

Name of consultant you worked with? Teresa Johnson

Overall rating from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best: 5

Other comments/notes:

It’s amazing what happens to little ones when they’re getting enough rest . . . our beautiful little boy greets us every morning with the most amazing smile! When he gets a great nap, he wakes up playing in his crib, and just beams when Mom or Dad come to get him. He loves his sleep time routine, and is usually grinning away at us once we start singing his “sleepy song”, like he knows what comes next and he can’t wait to get there!


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