106_225_1462767316179_IMG_1277Name: Teagen Wiwchar from Delisle, SK

Age of child or children we helped: 9 months

Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help: Our baby would only sleep a consecutive 60 minutes during the night. Every hour on the dot he would wake up and continue to be awake until he was nursed back to sleep. He would also refuse naps throughout the day unless he was held by myself and nursed to sleep. He was still sleeping in our room as he was awake usually 6-9 times throughout the night.

How did you find or hear about SleepWell Baby? I heard about SleepWell Baby through a family friend who had great success with a SleepWell Baby plan.

Please describe your first impressions of SleepWell Baby: Very comforting and non-judgemental for parenting style for sleep in the past.

Please share your overall experience working with SleepWell Baby: My overall experience was awesome with SleepWell Baby. Within only a couple of days our baby was sleeping through the night, which I had honestly thought I would never see. The staff is very understanding and willing to help and listen to any questions you have about sleep and the program they provide to you.

What results did you receive from working with one of our certified child sleep consultants? I received sleep within only 2 nights of working with a certified sleep consultant. Our baby now sleeps in his own crib, can put himself to sleep at night within 5 minutes, and has 2 naps that usually last around and hour each day.

Name of consultant you worked with? Jessica Raymond

Overall rating from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best: 5

Other comments/notes: Thank-you Jessica so much for helping our family finally get a good nights sleep! We are all very grateful for the services you provided to our family!

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