This is Sara D.’s testimony. Her son was 2.5 Joey when they worked with Amanda.

star sleeper

Please describe your child’s sleep issues or why you contacted SleepWell Baby for help.

When Joey was 15 months old, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a double mastectomy took 2 months of recovery time (I wasn’t allowed to lift/hold Joey for 8 weeks) and 4 months of chemotherapy, both my husband (who was on double parent duty when I was sick) and I were so exhausted that sleep for us became a priority, so that I could get better.

During this time we took some short cuts in our parenting style for both our boys and truly went into survival mode. When Joey woke in the night from teething pain, we would give him a bottle which allowed him to sooth himself back to sleep and allowed my husband and I to sleep through the night.

After my treatment was finished and when all my energy came back we knew we had to take away Joey’s night time bottle, but he is very strong willed and had developed a huge attachment to his night time bottle and truly could not put himself to sleep without it – can you say sleep prop?

I had done sleep training before with both of our boys when they were babies, but this was so different with Joey being older and attached to his bottle I didn’t know where to start. Also, another hurdle was that during my treatment I lost my bond with Joey since I couldn’t care for him when I was so sick and wasn’t allowed to pick him up for 8 weeks. I was terrified that if I sleep trained Joey it would weaken our bond that was already (in my opinion of how our bond was before my cancer treatment) hanging by a thread.

But I knew how important it is to learn to self soothe and that if he didn’t lose the night time bottle he wouldn’t have good sleep habits that would follow him into adulthood and also that he was at risk for cavities with all the extra calories at night. I knew no matter what this did to our bond it was the right thing to do, but I was too scared to start it on my own so I got out my computer and started googling sleep specialists in Canada.

My 15 minute consult had me hooked in 5 minutes, I talked to Tracy and she immediately understood and was so supportive and truly empathetic of our past year that I started to cry before our conversation even ended. I have felt like such a terrible mother putting my kids through such a chaotic year and she made me feel like a good mother again! I knew this was the company for our family so I booked the SOS service that day!

How did you find or hear about SleepWell Baby?:

Googled it!

Please describe your first impressions of SleepWell Baby.

My first impression with Tracy was described above. She was wonderful!

Please share your overall experience working with SleepWell Baby.

Amanda Hudye was my sleep consultant and working with her was like a dream (pardon the pun). She was so understanding and truly made Joey’s sleep plan customized to his and my needs. The sleep plan was easy to follow with no surprises after our 90 minute consult, and the 2 week of support afterwards was priceless. It was just what I needed, the professional support to get our family through this! I can not say enough good things about this service.

What results did you receive from working with one of our certified child sleep consultants?:

A happy well rested toddler, a happy older brother that his mommy gets to read him books before bed too now that his younger brother is happy, a happy husband because his wife is happy too 🙂

Overall rating from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best:

5 stars

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