5 Reasons Why Sleep Is Not Selfish

Parental sacrifice is no joke.  Becoming a parent immediately puts you, your needs and your wants, into the back seat, heck maybe even out the window entirely. It’s not a secret this happens.  We prepare for it.  We pick out durable, cheap laminate instead of beautiful, expensive hardwood that we love.  We trade in our…

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World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is an annual event that is sponsored by the World Association of Sleep Medicine to raise awareness of sleep disorders.  This year World Sleep Day will be held on Friday March 13th.  The slogan for this year’s event is, “When sleep is sound, health and happiness abound.” Only 1/3 adults reaps the…

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Sleep Plan for Tired Parents

You’ve recently completed SleepWell Sleep Planning and your children are sleeping beautifully.  Your evenings are peaceful and your little ones are experiencing all the benefits of a good night’s sleep.  There is just one little problem- while they sleep soundly you find yourself awake, tossing and turning throughout the night.  Or maybe, you’ve become accustomed to waking…

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