The Truth about Crying and Sleep Part Two

Part Two – Research that Supports Teaching the Skill of Sleep Many parents are frightened by the headlines regarding crying and sleep.  A great deal of the information available to parents perpetuates the myth that crying involved in learning the skill of sleep causes harm to children.  Because of this, many parents allow their families to…

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The Truth about Crying and Sleep

A SleepWell Research Review If you’re thinking about hiring a sleep consultant, chances are you’ve looked on the internet for tips on how to get your baby to sleep better.  An internet search on infant sleep will turn up numerous articles.  Many of those articles lead parents to believe that teaching the skill of sleep will cause…

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To Cry-It-Out or Wait-It-Out? Why SleepWell Sleep Planning is the Best Way to Rest Easy

The world of parenting is judgemental.  It can be polarizing and competitive.  As parents we make choices because we feel that they are in the best interests of our children.  Who wants to make the wrong choice when it comes to the most important job you will ever do?  So we stand firm in our…

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