Care.com and the Sleep Timeline

At SleepWell Baby, we pride ourselves on the level of education we provide to our clients.  Sleep is not a mystery; it follows a science.  Once parents understand sleep science, they feel confident to handle the sleep milestones that occur as their child grows. It’s the focus on education that makes a sleep consultation with SleepWell Baby…

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Teresa’s SleepWell Baby

All of the consultants at SleepWell Baby are moms.  Most of us have become passionate about sleep because of our own experiences, struggles and triumphs with our own children’s sleep.  I am a mom to three boys, ages 4, 2 and 4 months.  As a sleep consultant, I get asked constantly if my own children…

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Sleep Timeline

Have you ever wished there was a chart that would give you the answers to questions like, when should my baby begin taking 1 nap instead of 2? Or, when should I move my toddler from the crib to a bed? Well look no further, we’ve got you covered!  Click on our handy baby sleep timeline…

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