First off, I want to say when we heard about SleepWell Baby and their Sleep Consultants we were 100% skeptical. Who needs a sleep consultant? Sleep was easy. We had followed a sleep regime with our son Jarvis with ease and success, so when it came to our twin girls Dana and Reece we were just as confident we would have the same result with them. Well, we are eating our words. We needed SleepWell Baby. Without the help of Kristal and SleepWell Baby we would still be in survival mode and life without sleep. That was until Kristal from SleepWell Baby helped us feel HUMAN.  All five of us!

Our sleep problems started innocently enough. The girls were decent sleepers at the beginning.  However, a few months dealing with a pesky cough and nightly wake ups because of the cough, the slippery slope of sleepless nights began. We found ourselves running to the girls’ room quickly whisking the crying baby out of room to rock, snuggle and sooth back to sleep; all in attempts to try to “save” the sleeping baby’s precious slumber. By about 12 months old, the girls’ cough had stopped but the nightly wake ups had not. In fact, the wake up became habitual with a 9:30pm wake up most nights. However, now the wake ups were not solved with quick snuggles, instead they became 1-3 hours screaming fits; making for some very, very long nights. Life became about surviving, not living. That’s when we made the call to SleepWell Baby.

Kristal not only assessed the girls’ sleep but looked our son’s too. It was about getting EVERYONE on the right sleep track.  She educated us on what makes for good sleep and what it takes to get the sleep to happen. Now, with a full night’s sleep everyone is so much happier. We’re not just surviving as a family, we’re thriving.  Thank you Kristal and SleepWell Baby from

Aubry, Scott, Jarvis, Reece and Dana.

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