It’s summer time and the living is easy.  The season of sun, relaxation and vacations is finally upon us.  But if your little ones aren’t sleeping well, an easy living summer does not apply to you, my friend.  If your summer is more likely to be filled with meltdowns and tantrums than rest and rejuvenation, we need to talk.

We’ve heard parents tell us that they just don’t want to deal with their child’s sleep over the summer.  We get it.  It takes hard work and consistency to make sleep a priority for your family but since we know the benefits of well-rested children, we urge you to re-think your plan to deal with it in the fall.

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 Here are 5 reasons why summer is the perfect time to rest easy:

1. You’re on holidays! When you speak to a SleepWell Baby Consultant about SleepWell Sleep Planning, you’ll be told that it’s best if you can stay put for a least a few weeks, until your little one gets the hang of the new routine.  If you have days off work during that time, the process will seem more manageable.  Think of this as an opportunity to lay the foundation for independent sleep skills before your little one returns to child care and life gets busy again.  Look at this time as an investment in the health of your child and your family.  And of course, sleep when your baby sleeps, even if that baby happens to be more of a toddler.

2. Company coming?  No problem!  Ask Grandma and Grandpa to come for their visit while you’re working through SleepWell Sleep Planning.  The more hands on deck the easier the process will be all around.  Team up with loved ones who care about your child and allow them to support you as you work through your sleep plan.

3. A schedule means more freedom, not less.  Some people feel that having little ones on a sleep schedule is just too limiting.  We disagree.  When you respect your child’s need to sleep according to her circadian rhythm she will take longer, more restorative naps and wake less often during the night and early morning.  Once your child is napping and going to bed at age appropriate times, you can schedule in your summer activities when she is rested and can really enjoy them. Any parent knows that taking your overtired little ones on a picnic is really no picnic at all.

4. Have a little fun in the sun.  Let’s be honest, whether you plan to stay close to home or are looking to get away, children who are chronically overtired are not a whole lot of fun.  Want to remove meltdowns and tantrums from your summer agenda?  Teach those little ones to sleep and their behaviour will be more adaptable and predictable.  Whether you find yourself travelling the globe or filling the backyard paddling pool, your child will be a happier version of herself if she is well-rested.

5. There’s no time like the present to realize that sleep is not selfish.  Some parents tell us that they just need to get some sleep so they can be a more patient and happier parent.  This is not a selfish statement.  Sleep is critical to the health of all members of a family.  If you, dear mother or father are chronically overtired, you are not able to live to your true potential.  Your children need all of you, not just that tiny bit you can muster after you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in years.  Once your children are sleeping well your outlook will be as sunny as the season.

So what are you waiting for?  Pull out the flip flops, bring out the beach umbrella and spark up the barbeque.  Then give us a call.  It’s summer, the perfect time to rest easy!


Alysa Dobson is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant with SleepWell Baby.  She works with families to help them get the sleep they need.  Alysa offers support to parents with children ages 4 months- 8 years old through both in home and remote consultations.  She can be contacted at alysa@sleepwellbaby.ca.
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