My husband and have swaddled all of our babies from birth.  We did this not so much to recreate the womb-like environment, but to suppress their moro or startle reflex.  For all our babies this was their first sleep association.  It made sense to me, and we swaddled all three of our babies, arms in, straight down their sides, for their first months of life.  It worked wonderfully.  However, as any swaddler knows, there comes a time when babies need to learn to transition out of their safe little burrito.

While swaddling is a great sleep tool to use when babies are small, when babies start becoming more mobile and especially start to roll, it is no longer safe for them to be in an arms-in swaddle for sleep.

The transition can be tough.  We tried all the tricks in the book with our older two boys and eventually they learned how to sleep again.  As our youngest approached the four month mark, he was getting super strong and starting to become more wiggly and I knew it was time to transition him.  Being a sleep consultant, I am always intrigued with new baby sleep products and knew I had to try one, and of course review it for you.  Stephanie Parker, owner of Zipadee, was a swaddling mama herself and invented the Zipadee-Zip to help ease the transition out of swaddlefor babies.  Her and her husband appeared on the Shark Tank and scored a sweet deal.  Check it out here:  www. Zipadeezip.com



When I put our son into his Zipadee the first thing he did was put his hand in his mouth.  The hands on the Zipadee are closed and I loved that feature right away.  It keeps his hands from being cold, especially since they are always wet.

Transitioning Lincoln into the Zipadee for nights was seamless.  There were no additional wakes and things went really well.

It is super easy to put on.  I put Lincoln in his Zipadee for all of his naps and for night sleep.  It takes me literally two seconds to get on and zip up.  I just put it over his sleeper or clothes, zip and done.

It acts as a cue for sleep.  One of the things we talk about as consultants is creating cues for baby during the bedtime/nap routine that they learn to associate with sleep.  As soon as I put the Zipadee on Lincoln he now knows that sleep is coming next for him, which gives his body a little heads up so it can prepare for sleep.

It replaces the need for a blanket.  The safe sleep recommendations are for there to be no objects in baby’s crib including blankets.  The Zipadee provides extra warmth for baby without the risk of having a blanket in the crib.


It wasn’t entirely seamless, there were some shorter than usual naps in the beginning, but I expected this.  Naps are a much lighter sleep than night sleep, so it was no surprise to me that they were slightly

disrupted for about 3 days.  The Zipadee is designed to provide some resistance when babies stretch out which in theory helps them feel more secure, however, there is bound to be a transition period when babies are used to being really restricted in a tight swaddle.

In Summary:

We love it.  I love that I don’t have to worry about him scratching his face or eyes during the night.  He has a strong association with his Zipadee and sleep now.  We take it everywhere, so sleeping at Grandma’s or a hotel is much easier.  If you are a swaddler or even if you are not but like some of the benefits it offers as opposed to a traditional sleep sack, definitely check them out.

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Teresa Johnson is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant with SleepWell Baby. She works with families to help them get the sleep they need. Teresa offers support to parents with children ages 4 months- 8 years old through both in home and remote consultations. She can be contacted at teresa@sleepwellbaby.ca.
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